About Me


KIM_4460When I was 19 years old I gave birth to my firstborn son.  I was induced early for non-medical reasons and had an epidural.  Thankfully, everything went smoothly and I was able to have a vaginal delivery.  However, I was so numb that I felt nothing.  And by  nothing I mean I didn’t feel like he was my baby, which led to postpartum depression.  When I got pregnant with my second son, I knew immediately that I needed a different experience.   I had a water birth  at the Carolina Community Maternity Center in Fort Mill, SC.  That day changed my life forever!  A passion ignited inside of me to help as many women as possible to experience birth in a way that empowered them.  I had my third little one at home on the kitchen floor.  She came so quickly that my doula didn’t make it in time.  It was such an amazing learning experience, because I essentially was my own doula! After that I just KNEW I could do this.  This is 100% my God given calling.  At the end of the day this was my own personal experience.  This is by no means how every woman should, can or wants to give birth.  It is my priority to help you have YOUR best birth!